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Blue Print Overview

California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation (“CDCr”) has systemic and dysfunctional problems that run rampant state-wide (within both Cal.’s Women and Men prisons), which demand this California government to take immediate action and institute measures to effect genuine tangible changes throughout CDCr on all levels.

The entire state government was notified and made aware of this “Dysfunctional” CDCr prison system in 2004 when it’s own governmental CIRP blue ribbon commission (authorized by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger) reported this finding and fact. (See; also see Prison Legal News article, “CA Corrections System Officially Declared Dysfuntional.”)

However, this CDCr state of “dysfunction” was not new to the massive number of women, men and youth being kept warehoused in CDCr, because they face it daily. (See Cal. Prison Focus News, 1990s-Present, Prisoner Reports/Investigation and Findings; San Francisco Bay View News Articles; ROCK & PHSS Newsletters, etc.)

During the historic California Prisoners’ Hunger Strikes (2011-2013), tens of thousands of men and women prisoners in CDCr’s solitary confinement torture prisons, as well as a third of the general population prisoners, united in solidarity in a peaceful protest to expose this dysfunctional system officially reported in 2004 by the CIRP.

The Prisoner Human Right’s Movement (PHRM) Blue Print is essentially designed to deal with identifying and resolving primary contradictions by focusing on the various problems of CDCr’s dysfunction, including (but not limited to) the following areas:

(1) The systemic problems we face on 180 and 270 designed (level 4) prisons and
institutions- Deal with all matters of chain-of-command, assessing staff’s performance and the “Culture” of CDCr Staffing;

(2) The Prisoners’ Inmate Welfare Funds (“IWF”): Where are the monies being allocated and spent (e.g., Canteen, Recreation/Entertainment, Visiting, All Available Television Channels, Hobby Craft, etc.)???

(3) The injustices, brutality and overall Human Rights violations facing women and
men prisoners.

In order to deal with these injustices, we insist on:

(1) The right to document, expose and challenge abuses and violations;

(2) An end to violence and brutality at the hands of prison employees;

(3) An end to Police Brutality both inside and outside of prison; and

(4) The right to be safe from retaliation and from being coerced, threatened and blackmailed to betray fellow prisoners with false accusations.

We understand that all prisoner activists throughout CDCr have been harassed, threatened, and have had acts of over-generalization of false intelligence directed at them, women and men prisoners.

We must all hold strong to our mutual agreement from this point on and focus our time, attention, and energy on mutual causes beneficial to all of us [i.e. prisoners], and our best interests. We can no longer allow CDCr to use us against each other for their benefit!! Because the reality is that we are an empowered, mighty force that can positively change this entire corrupt system into a system that actually benefits prisoners, and thereby, the public as a whole… And we simply cannot allow CDCr/CCPOA-Prison Guards Union, IGI, ISU, OCS, and SSU to continue to get away with their constant form of progressive oppression and warehousing of tens of thousands of prisoners.

In Struggle,

PHRM-PN Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa