Example PHRM Monitoring Report w/ Exhibit

(Example PHRM Monitoring Report w/Exhibit, pdf HERE)



FR: PHRM – LOCAL COUNCIL, [Name of Institution/Facility] [S.V.S.P./Facility C*]


Dear Counsel(s):

A lot goes on here at Salinas Valley State Prison (SVSP) that the outside world is not informed of, as it relates to the prison conditions. We, the Prisoner Human Rights Movement-Local Council here at this institution/Facility-C are submitting this prison monitoring report relative to the Settlement Agreement.

Here at this prison there are four main Facilities, “A” through “D” (Fac. “A” is “SNY”; Fac. “B” is a level 270 yard; Fac “C” is a Level IV/180, comprising of dual-split Yards: #1 consisting of Units 1-4, & #2 consisting of an independent Dept. of Health Service (DHS)-operated Enhanced Outpatient Program (EOP) in Units 5 & 6; while Units 7 & 8 are for Fac.”C” G.P. Housing; and Fac. “D” is Ad/Seg Housing). Here on Fac. “C” G.P., the two Yards are separated by a wall, connected by a Patio area where the Facility Program Office, Medical Clinic, Canteen, Library, and Education areas are also behind another wall.

For years, Facility-C officials have not provided constructive programming for the G.P. prisoners here, including no Full-Time Yard, Recreation, Telephone or Entertainment Activities access, due to the Facility being operated on a modified program. This leaves this G.P. Population in a state of idleness.

Today, the lack of full-time constructive programming remains the same, which deprives the Men of much-needed opportunities to be able to participate in such programs that are essential for CDCr to genuinely provide “Rehabilitative” services on these Level IV/180 institutions. For example, prisoners on Fac.-C need fair and equal access to CDCr’s mandatory Full-Time Yard, Dayroom Recreation, Telephone and other Educational, Leisure Time Activity Groups, Computer Literacy, etc. – Programs that also allow, for those who need to prepare for their pre-BPH hearings (e.g. SB 261 eligible Prisoners) and/or who are desiring to achieve Certificates, positive Chronos placed in their files.

For those of us who have been held illegally in Solitary confinement 1-30 years are now being punished by being deprived of constructive programming, which has created an adverse effect for us and others being released hers.

On Tuesday, October 27, 2015, we spoke with the Warden of SVSP during the recent meeting event with Barrio Unidos, Danny Glover and SVSP Fac.-C Prisoners. At that time we notified the Warden of the above issues, as well as making it clear that, as representatives of the Agreement to End All Hostilities, we do not support any attempts by his Administration to orchestrate hostile yard policies, as they are trying to do with the SNY, Bulldogs on Yard #2, who cannot constructively program with the overall Facility-C G.P. prisoners, as noted in SVSP’s own CDCr records (e.g. CDCR 3011-B Program Status Reports, etc.). There is room available on Facility A for such prisoners designated SNY/Unable to program with the overall General Population (who is currently being restricted and punished from having full-time programming access because of these few SNY, etc).

On Friday, November 6, 2015, we spoke with the Associate Warden about the lack of Programming her at this Facility, (as identified above), to which he responded positively (as did the Warden above) about their seeming acknowledgment of the above issues and are committed to improving the conditions and constructive programming here. However, to date, there has been no Full-Time Yard, Dayroom, etc. The Man here have demonstrated their rights to receive such overdue programs.

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